The Department of Economics demonstrates a significant research activity in the main contemporary areas of Economic science. Its faculty members are very active in publishing their research results and groundbreaking achievements in international scientific journals of the highest quality.

More precisely, in a recent study conducted by the University of Macedonia for the comparative evaluation of Economics Departments, our Department holds the second position among Greek and Cyprian Universities regarding citations and the number of publications.

Moreover, a related study conducted by a research group of University of Patras (Evaluation of ninety-three major Greek university departments using Google Scholar, P Altanopoulou, M Dontsidou, N Tselios, Quality in Higher Education, 2012), ranked our Department in the third position, after the Department of Economics of Athens University of Economics and Business and the Department of Economics of University of Macedonia.

Three research laboratories are under establishment in our Department:

  1. Micro-Econometric Analysis of Labour Market Laboratory
  2. Laboratory of Industrial, Innovation and Regional Economics
  3. Laboratory of Quantitative Economics and Information Systems

The faculty of our department is active in the following research fields:

  • Labour Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Regional Economic Policy
  • Rural Development and Agricultural Economics & Politics
  • Economics of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Economics of Efficiency, Productivity and Technology
  • Economics of Energy
  • Health Economics
  • Economics of Industrial Organization
  • Business Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Statistical Analysis and Applications
  • Information Management Systems
  • Economic History
  • Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • Institutional Framework of the European Market