Study Rules

Duration of program

The undergraduate programme has four years duration and is organized into semesters. There are two academic semesters in each academic year (a total of 8 semesters). Each academic semester consists of about thirteen teaching weeks.

Each course is offered only once in each academic year, i.e., in either the Fall semester, October-January, or the Spring semester, February-June.

The academic calendar for the current year can be found here:

Module booking

Students normally take up 5 courses (core/elective) per semester (the foreign language courses are excluded). A student enrols in the courses he/she will attend (and be examined in) by submitting an application by the end of the third week of the semester at the latest. Some courses have recommended prerequisites, so they should not be taken in the early years of study of students.

A course may consist of only lectures, or lectures and seminars-tutorials, or lectures and practical work in the computer laboratory of the Department. 

Incoming ERASMUS students

Incoming ERASMUS students can choose taught courses in English, administered together with the Department of Business Administration. The list of such courses for the academic year 2018-2019 can be found in the following link: 

List of courses taught in English (academic year 2018-2019)

Staff members are also prepared to supervise incoming ERASMUS students’ final-year projects or dissertations on topics related to their current research interests. 


Every ERASMUS student coming to the Department of Economics is assigned to a personal tutor who is a faculty member. His/her role is to give students support and guidance on academic matters, including advice on the choice of elective courses, as well as on any other matters that may affect their studies. Students should see their personal tutor at least once at the beginning of each semester, and whenever necessary during the academic year at his/her office.