Program Rules

The Department of Economics provides a four-year single-subject Bachelor's degree program in Economics, firmly grounded in economic theory (micro and macro), quantitative methods (maths, statistics, and econometrics) and applied economics subjects.

The undergraduate program is organized into semesters. There are two academic semesters in each academic year (a total of 8 semesters). Each academic semester consists of about thirteen teaching weeks. 

The degree-program consists of compulsory courses that every student must take (core courses), and courses that can be chosen by students according to their special interests (elective courses).

Currently, economics students are offered a total of 36 courses. Of these, 20 are core courses and 16 are elective courses. Three (3) out of the 27 elective courses are provided by the Department of Business Administration. Students normally take 5 courses (core/elective) per semester. Some courses have recommended prerequisites, so they should not be taken in the early years of study of students. 

More information about undergradute studies for Erasmus students: