Development Economics

Development Economics, photo: Kai Stachowiak

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and analyze the basic theories and concepts related to economic development.
  • Critically examine the links between the various economic development theories and approaches.
  • Be fully aware and critically analyze the major economic development problems at the international level.
  • Summarize and evaluate empirical work on economic development.
  • Compare and contrast empirical work on the design of policies for a particular economic development issue.
  • Critically analyze how economic development theories affect the practical application of development policies in a variety of local and international contexts.

Course Contents

Economic Growth and economic development: Basic concepts and definitions. Characteristics of the developing world. Theories of economic growth and development. Modern models of economic growth and underdevelopment. Poverty, inequality and development. Population growth and economic development. Human capital and development. Agricultural transformation. Structural transformation and development. Development policy design. External financing, investment and aid. The School of New Structural Economics. Development and Policy in Developing Countries (Structuralist Macroeconomics School).

Teaching Activities

Lectures (3 hours per week)

Teaching Organization


Semester workload


39 hours (3X13)

Private study

111 hours

Total number of hours for the Course (25 hours of work-load per ECTS credit)

150 hours (total student work-load)


  1. Final written test based on multiple-choice questions (100%).
  2. Optional written scientific essay, based on the quality of which, the grade of the written final test can be increased by 1 to 4 points.

Use of ICT

Use of ICT in teaching and communication with students through the e-class platform

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Goulas Eleftherios

Assistant Professor
Γούλας Ελευθέριος
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Reading List

Reading Recommendations: 
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