M.Sc.in Applied Economics and Data Analysis

The M.Sc scope is the study of Applied Economics and Data Analysis with a wider economic interest covering both the theoretical and the applied content thereof.

The program aims:

  • to promote theoretical and applied knowledge in Economics at the highest level,
  • to promote scientific excellence and research in Economics,
  • to produce scientists able to pursue doctoral studies in relevant scientific fields,
  • to create private and public sectors managers/analysts with a strong background in modern Applied Economics and Data Analysis, that are able to meet the challenges of the modern economic environment,
  • strengthen the capabilities of students to organize their own business or to have a career in managerial positions leading enterprises and organizations in the private or public sector,
  • beyond the development of analytical skills in the above areas, the development of leadership capabilities, familiarity in using modern technologies and addressing real economic situations in their future career.

The M.Sc program accepts graduates from Economics and Management Faculties and from the Faculties of Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Technical Universities as well as graduates from Technological Educational Institutes of Economics and Managerial related subjects.

More info: http://postgrad.econ.upatras.gr/