Ph.D. Rules

Application Process

M.Sc or equivalent postgraduate degree holders from the Department of Economics, University of Patras and other Greek and foreign Universities, may apply to continue their studies to the doctoral program (leading to a “Ph.D in Economics”) of the Department of Economics, University of Patras. The application must be accompanied by the applicant’s curriculum vitae, certified copies of degrees, research proposal and optionally one or more reference letters. The decision for the enrollment in the Department’s doctoral program is taken by the Special General Assembly (SGA) of the Department of Economics, taking into account the performance of the person concerned in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, research activity and content of the references (if any). The SGA may request a presentation by the applicant of her/his research proposal. The SGA may also ask the applicant and prospective doctoral candidate to register and successfully complete a number of postgraduate courses taught at the Department’s M.Sc program.

Department Faculty Members may ask permission by the SGA, to publish calls for expression of interest by postgraduate degree holders on clearly identified research topics that will lead to successful completion of the doctoral program.

PhD student (candidate) Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is appointed by the SGA and consists of three faculty members, according to the provisions of the law. A member of the Faculty of Economics, University of Patras, is appointed as the “Supervisor”.

Seven-member Examining Committee PhD students

The seven-member Examining Committee for the final evaluation of the Doctoral Dissertation (Thesis) is appointed by the SGA upon the recommendation of the Advisory Committee. Three of those members comprise the “Three-member advisory committee”. The rest of the members are selected by the SGA and may belong to a department of another Greek or foreign University. The Examining Committee is responsible for evaluating the candidate’s thesis. A PhD student is awarded a PhD diploma when her/his thesis has been evaluated by the Examining Committee and approved by at least five of its members. The PhD candidate defends her/his thesis before the Examining Committee.

Duration of study

The time period for obtaining the PhD cannot be less than three (3) full calendar years from the date of appointment of the Advisory Committee.


Candidates who meet all the requirements of the relevant laws and have successfully defended their thesis before the Examining Committee are proclaimed as Ph.D’s by the SGA. The proclamation date is defined as the date of the meeting of the SGA in which the nomination was decided.

The PhD is awarded in a special public ceremony in the presence of the University Rector among other members of the university community.