Examinations Rules

The examinations for the courses offered in the fall semester are held at the end of January – beginning of February. Students who fail in any of these courses can participate in resit examinations in September. The examinations for the courses offered in the spring semester are held in June, and, if a student fails in these exams, he/she can again participate in the September resit examinations. Under the Greek educational system, students can sit for exams as many times as necessary until they pass a course.

For Greek students, assessment is only by written examination. The grades range from zero (0) to ten (10). The minimum passing grade is five (5). The final graduation grade is the average of the grades in all the semester-long courses that the student has successfully completed during his/her years of study. The grade that students achieve in the foreign-language course does not count as part of the final graduation grade. A useful conversion for local grades is: "Fail" - less than 5; "Pass" - 5; "Good" - between 5 and 6.5; "Very Good" - between 6.5 and 8.5; "Excellent" - above 8.5.

For students whose native language is not Greek, the examination paper can be in English (or French for certain courses) and English textbooks, with content similar to the Greek textbooks used for the courses, can be found in the Departmental Library or the Central Library. Incoming non-Greek students should have a very good working grasp of the English language and should also be familiar with the use of computers (e.g. Internet, Word).