The Secretariat is the main administrative unit of our Department. The Secratariat is the link of our Department with the central administative services of the University of Patras. More precisely it has the responsibility for:

  • The management of incoming-outgoing documents
  • The registrations of new students
  • The administrative operation of the curriculum (grades, courses, graduates lists, scholarships, etc.)
  • Transcripts of certificates
  • The announcement of examination results

The Deputy Secretary of the Department is Mrs Theodora Fertaki. The Secretariat staff constists of Mrs Panagiota Makri.

The Secratariat's openning hours for students are:

  • Monday-Thursday, from 11:00 am to 13:00


Tel: 2610-969999, 2610 969 961

Fax: 2610 997622

Address: Department of Economics, University of Patras University Campus, Rio Patras 265 04