Administrative Organisation

The Department of Economics is managed by the General Assembly and the Head of the Department.

The General Assembly constists of:

  • The faculty members
  • One representative of the Teaching Laboratory Staff
  • One representative of the Technical Laboratory Staff
  • One representative of undergraduate students
  • One representative of postgraduate students

The Head is elected by the General Assembly every two years. 

The Head in the academic year 2020-2021 is Dimitrios Tzelepis, Associate Professor, and the Deputy Head is Konstnatinos Kounetas, Associate Professor.

The Postgraduate programme of studies is managed by:

  • A Special General Assembly, that constists of all faculty members and a representative of the postgraduate students
  • The Director of the Postgraduate programme of studies
  • A Coordinating Committee, that consists of the Director of the programme and three more members of the faculty

More precisely: 

  • Director of the Postgraduate programme of studies: Konstnatinos Kounetas, Associate Professor
  • Members of the Coordinating Committee
    • Dimitrios Tzelepis, Associate Professor
    • Iannis Venetis, Associate Professor
    • Manolis Tzagarakis, Assistant Professor