Special Topics in Macroeconomics

Special Topics in Macroeconomics

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Learning Outcomes

The aim of this course is to help the students bridge the gap between the theoretical macroeconomics literature and real-world data and policies. After completion of this course, the students:

  • Will be familiar with the key issues in the modern macroeconomics literature
  • Will have developed an understanding of the controversies surrounding policy choices and of how policies and institutions interact at the macroeconomic level
  • Will be able to recognize the main global economic problems  
  • Will be able to understand the key economic-policy issues in the European Union
  • Will be able to interpret and  evaluate the results of the corresponding empirical literature

Course Contents

Dynamics in aggregate demand & supply, employment and unemployment. Inflation & rational expectations. Time inconsistency in public decision-making. Growth policies. Globalization, currency markets, financial crises. The public sector in the global economy. Macroeconomic policy-games. International macroeconomic interdependence & policy coordination. European economic-policy issues. Applications with real-world data. 

Teaching Activities

Lectures (3 hours per week)

Teaching Organization


Semester workload


13X3 = 39 hours

Reading at home

111 hours

Total number of hours for the Course (25 hours of work-load per ECTS credit)

150 hours (total student work-load)


(a) Written exam at the end of the semester (65%)

(b) Project (applications with real-world data) 35%

Use of ICT

Use of IT in teaching, and in communication with the students (e-class)

Course Info

Current Tutors


Papaioannou Sotiris

Assistant Professor
Παπαϊωάννου Σωτήριος
Field of Expertise: 
Applied Macroeconomics
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Monday 11:00-12:00
Tuesday 11:00-13:00

Reading List

Reading Recommendations: 
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ΕΙΔΙΚΑ ΘΕΜΑΤΑ ΜΑΚΡΟΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΗΣ ΑΝΑΛΥΣΗΣ, ΑΠΕΡΓΗΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ, https://service.eudoxus.gr/search/#a/id:5403/0
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