Principles of Economics II

Principles of Economics II

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Learning Outcomes

The course provides students with the basic concepts and theories which facilitate the understanding of how an economy works as a coordinated whole. It aims to provide a simple yet rigorous framework for understanding real macroeconomic events. Students are expected to be able to apply the tools listed in the course in order to analyze relatively simple macroeconomic issues. 

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Reflect the basic concepts and principles of macroeconomics.
  • Use different economic indicators and models to explain economic phenomena.
  • Assess macroeconomic issues and approach the analysis of the effectiveness of government economic policy.
  • Avoid mistakes often made in the popular press about the causes and consequences of long-term growth and economic fluctuations.
  • Prepare for more advanced studies in macroeconomics.

Course Contents

Introduction to Macroeconomics. Macroeconomic Data. Productivity, Output and Employment. Consumption, Savings and Investment. Savings and Investment in an Open Economy. Long-term Economic Growth. Asset Markets, Money and Prices. Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Policy in an Open Economy. Public Expenditure and Financing.

Teaching Activities

Lectures (4 hours per week) and Tutorials (2 hours per week)

Teaching Organization


Semester workload


52 hours (4X13)


26 hours (2X13)

Private study

122 hours

Total number of hours for the Course (25 hours of work-load per ECTS credit)

200 hours (total student work-load)


The overall course grade is the sum of a) the final exam grade plus b) 20 percent of the mid-term exam grade*.

* The above student evaluation method is a pilot one and will be re-examined at the end of academic year 2018-2019.

Use of ICT

Use of ICT in teaching and communication with students through the e-class platform.

Course Info

Current Tutors


Goulas Eleftherios

Assistant Professor
Γούλας Ελευθέριος
Field of Expertise: 

Partheniou Andromachi

Teaching Fellow
Partheniou Andromachi
Field of Expertise: 
Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy
Office Hours: 
Tuesday 16:00-18:00

Reading List

Reading Recommendations: 
- Οικονομική-Μικροοικονομική και Μακροοικονομική, Krugman Paul, Wells Robin,
- Οικονομική (Μακροοικονομική), 5η Έκδοση, Mankiw N. Gregory, Taylor P. Mark, Αθανάσιος Μανιάτης, Αναστασία Λίτινα (Επιστ. επιμέλεια)
- Εισαγωγή στην Οικονομική: Μακροοικονομική, Sloman John, Wride Alison, Garratt Dean,
- Μακροοικονομική, Abel Andrew B.,Bernanke Ben S.,Croushore Dean,
- Σύγχρονες αρχές Μακροοικονομικής, Cowen T., Tabarrok A.,